James Batcho, PhD | Music
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I don’t have many opportunities these days to record or perform music. Of late my musical endeavors involve the occasional improvised jam at a jazz open mic. But music remains a passion. Perhaps in the future I will again find a project to which I can devote my time and energy. See below for highlights of past projects, including videos, edits of songs as well as full songs for download. Please respect all copyright as noted. [The two images of me are owned by Adam Tow (left) and Eric Cheng (right), both ©2004.]

Music Video Performance: “Pot Concerto” by Kim Byoung Duk (2013)

A music video for experimental classical composer Kim Byoung Duk. This is one of those random things that comes together from being involved in the music scene. It was filmed in February, 2013 and released in April that year.

My credits: snare drum

Music Soundtrack for the film Ari Ari the Korean Cinema (2011)

Perhaps these tracks are more appropriate in the “Audiovisual” section, since they are music for film. Yet they are standalone music recordings. I was music supervisor for a 13-song soundtrack of the film Ari Ari the Korean Cinema (2011), known its original Korean as 영화판. Below are two of the tracks.


Arirang“. The movie director wanted a modern version of this venerable Korean traditional song. I came up with the basic arrangement, a rock song in 6/4 and 3/4 time, and communicated the basic melodic themes and riffs I wanted to achieve on guitars. The musicians (guitarist/bassist Gino Brann, guitarist/keyboardist Anthony Garcia, and vocalist/keyboardist Violet Lea) did the rest. I produced, recorded and mixed it in my home studio. (Song: Traditional; arrangement ©2011 Jim Batcho, Gino Brann, Anthony Garcia, Violet Lea.)


Arirang (Acoustic)“. As we were finishing the sound mix on the film, we realized we needed one more piece of music. I remembered that Gino had played an acoustic version of “Arirang” during soundcheck for the above song. I asked him to recreate it, this time recording at Mica Mountain Works. I produced and mixed the song, but it is Gino’s arrangement and performance, recorded by Michael Laveck. (Song: Traditional; arrangement ©2011 Gino Brann.)


Busan Haps, an English language magazine based in Busan, wrote an article on the production of the soundtrack in advance of the film’s release for the Pusan International Film Festival. Click the image to the right to view a PDF of the first two pages, or click here to read the article in its entirety.

Poko Lambro: East and West (2010)

My good friends Poko Lambro (Anthony Garcia and Violet Lea) released their double album East and West in October, 2010. I played drums on the “West” side. I chose to include these four edits below because I had a hand in their mixing/production (first two) or sang backup (next two). Songs written by Garcia and Lea (©2010).

Eruption” (my credits: drums, co-production, co-mixing)

Darker Side of Things” (my credits: drums, co-production, co-mixing)

Denza Left the Sky” (my credits: drums, backing vocals)

Travelers.” (my credits: drums, backing vocals)

Estonia: Estonia 1.06.04 (2004)

Four complete songs from an unreleased recording by a band I co-founded called Estonia. We made a six-song EP, however the singer chose not to have it released to the public. Nevertheless it is a work I am proud of in that it allowed me to grow in the areas of songwriting, recording, mixing and production.

Songs produced and engineered by me and John Given.

Songs written by me, Given, Eli Manjarrez, Vienna Teng (©2004).

Songs performed by me, Given, Nate Query and Teng (except “Urbanismo”: bass by Manjarrez).

Complete song files below. Feel free to download and share if you like what you hear.

I Am No One” (my credits: drums, synths, programming, percussion)

Happy Song” (my credits: drums)

Subway” (my credits: drums, percussion)

Urbanismo” (my credits: programming)

Vienna Teng: Warm Strangers (2003)

I was assistant engineer and drummer for Vienna Teng’s Warm Strangers album. We recorded for five weeks at True Tone in Nashville with producer/engineer David Henry. I also did rhythm programming, percussion, a bit of guitar and backup singing, and co-wrote a song with Teng and Henry. Most of my engineering duties involved string quartet recordings, field recordings, and setting up microphones. I also contributed numerous arrangement and production ideas. It was truly a group effort among the three of us and a wonderful experience.

Here are edits of two songs (©2003 Virt Records, written by Teng).

Harbor” (my credits: drums, percussion)

My Medea” (my credits: rhythm programming, percussion, piano treatments, bowed cymbal)