James Batcho, PhD | Podcast Interview: Humans in Love
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Podcast Interview: Humans in Love

VIRGINIA BEACH. A little over a year ago, my friend in Chiang Mai, Zachary Stockill, invited me to be a guest on a new podcast he was developing. His previous podcast, “Travels in Music,” is excellent and he is such a great interviewer, of course I said yes. His original aim for the new venture was something about being men and issues specific to men, but the focus has since changed to his resulting new work: “Humans in Love.”

It rings a bit odd to me when I slip into dude-speak, which is me attempting to be faithful to the prior framework. That aside, I enjoyed our kitchen conversation so I’m sharing it here. We discuss my approaches to the meeting of cinema, storytelling and philosophy, my appreciation for Terrence Malick, why Christopher Nolan aggravates me, why there are no guilty pleasures… and, indeed, humans and love—particularly, life and love as an expat, and the joy and loneliness that comes with the peripatetic lifestyle.

Many thanks to Zachary. If you enjoy it, please do subscribe to his podcast. Here’s the link to our conversation.