James Batcho, PhD



My name is James Batcho. Most of my calendar year is spent in Chiang Mai, where I do independent academic research and writing, primarily toward the completion of two books. Last year I was in Beijing, teaching graduate and undergraduate students in the Fine Arts and Communication Arts departments of the New York Institute of Technology. My courses consist of animation and film theory and practice, media theory and history, and narrative and academic research and writing. My scholarly research concerns narrative and existential intersections of memory and audibility (hearing and listening).

In July, 2015 I received my PhD in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thinking (PACT) from the European Graduate School (EGS). My dissertation was titled Logos of Cinema: Memory and the Audibility of Unseeing, for which I was given Summa Cum Laude honors.

I have just completed a revised final draft of my book Terrence Malick's Unseeing Cinema and am querying publishers.

In addition to research and publishing, I continue to design sound for films.

You can reach me by emailing jimb [at this website url].

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Here is my most current curriculum vitae (CV).

This site was made by me. Image above is a selfie, taken at the Kafka museum in Prague, January, 2008.