James Batcho, PhD | Professor l Writer l Lecturer
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My name is James Batcho. I’m a professor, writer and lecturer on a variety of subjects, from storytelling and cinema to philosophy and media. I’m the author of the book Sound for Independent Audiovisual Storytelling and I’ve written for Media Culture & Society, Journal of Sonic Studies, The New Soundtrack and Atropos Press. I have just completed my second book, Terrence Malick’s Unseeing Cinema, and am currently querying publishers.


I have taught at universities in China, South Korea and the United States and given lectures and readings additionally in Singapore, Australia and Denmark. I earned summa cum laudehonors for my dissertation Logos of Cinema: Memory and the Audibility of Unseeing at the European Graduate School.


I was sound designer and music supervisor for the documentary Ari Ari the Korean Cinema, which premiered at the prestigious PIFF Film Festival and ran nationwide in South Korea in 2013. I currently have a backlog of essays to compose, but I hope to return to designing sound for future films.


I am involved in several other activities—playing drums, a new cooperative press and an eco-community in Lombok. If you are interested in the development of such projects, please keep an eye on the Updates page.


This website was made by me, which is why I am writing about myself in the first person. You can reach me by emailing jimb [at this website url].


Please respect copyright of photography, words and projects contained or linked to here, which reside with me unless otherwise noted.

Here is my most current curriculum vitae (CV).

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